Sith Lightsaber angles

2016-12-11 03:51:21 by Azification


Moon go Boom!

2015-11-04 07:07:22 by Azification

Ok... I might be slacking on the artwork lately, but come ON... Blender is just so much fun... 4980852_144663879983_BrokenPlanet.png

MoonGlow (alot of work left)

2015-11-01 04:54:43 by Azification



2015-10-11 11:45:52 by Azification

My first attempt at using Blender... Can't believe I've waited this long to pick it up... And just so we're clear, I would still be staring at that program crying if it weren't for tutorials! :D4980852_144457830711_Lightsaber.jpg

Weekend project

2015-09-12 03:26:22 by Azification

A sample of my, I hope I get it done by Sunday, weekend project.4980852_144204275243_SneakPeak.jpg


2014-12-23 07:07:03 by Azification

So I guess it's possible to become unscouted? Without any notification? I'm just a guy who likes to draw and share them with whomever wants to have a look-see... But sadly I just noticed all my ratings and things were gone... which means I'm gone??? WHY??? WWHHYY????? lol

no, but seriously, I'd like to be judged by my fellow artists, and I can't have that happen with me not being scouted... So someone please scout me so that I may be judged... Harshly if needbe...